KON - glass collection

KON / Heat resistant glass collections for SIMAX

prototyping industrial design


YEAR 2013-2014

TEAM Martin Žampach, Matěj Chabera

SKILLS Concept Design, Sketching, CAD, Visualisations, Creative Direction

Within this minimalistic set of tea accessories, we aim for high performance. Simple morphology is the single rule that captures and controls the look of the entire collection. The characteristic chamfer is particularly visible in the shape of the teapot and handle, but is repeated in all parts of the design.

The collection includes two teapot sizes with plastic lids and strainers that are attached to a bayonet closure. This makes them very fast and easy to separate or deploy. There are also three sizes of glasses: espresso, tea glasses and latte glasses. The collection is complemented by three sizes of serving dishes, the middle of which serves as a cover for a heater that can also be used for other pots from the SIMAX portfolio.

The KON collection is a good example of a versatile solution that does not compromise. We have designed a functional and visually appealing solution that is available to everyone.

KON - glass collection
KON - glass collection

SIMAX is Czech brand of heat resistant glass with a long tradition and is available in more than 50 countries around the world. Collection KON has received GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2013 by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

KON - glass collection