Industrial design is a process of creating products for a serial production that combines many different technical skills, functionality, and aesthetics. We at PROTOTYPUM make an effort to develop new-generation products that enhance the quality of life around us, even just by small steps every day.

The key for our team is to understand the needs of target customers who will use the product, just the same as a research or innovation team. With our partners, we create lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and open exchange of know-how.

We create functional
design solutions

We are not afraid to search out new paths and set trends. We bring industrial design, prototyping expertise, engineering, and knowledge of the manufacturing process to your project to strengthen your innovation team. We will bring your ideas to life.

  • Our creative team can offer intricate knowledge in industrial design – we drive your idea from the first sketches to the real product.
  • Already in the first phases of the project, we use our practical knowledge of manufacturing processes and material properties. We design realistic and feasible solutions from the beginning of the collaboration.
  • We approach each project individually and always try to come up with the best possible solution for the technology and material and amount to be produced.

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Our design process



Post-processing of 3D print


1. Project Definition

During the brief phase – we define customer needs, explore technological possibilities of the client and we possibly recommend our technological and manufacturing partners.

  • We define the customer needs as well as the needs of your internal team.
  • We look for synergy between product designers, mechanical and electrical engineers. We also cooperate with other professions like software developers or automotive experts.
  • We recommend our production partners should other expertise be required.
  • After a complete brief, we move on to design research.
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2. Design Research

After the project brief, we continue with market and competitor analysis. First, we draw mood-boards, looking for inspiration. The analysis helps us to define the project direction

  • We research forms, materials, and design details. We search for inspiration in both similar and completely different fields.
  • We create conceptual mood-boards.
  • Competitive analysis of existing products or solutions.
  • Definition of directions and design guide.
  • After evaluation, we move on to the concept design phase.
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3. Concept Design

New ideas come when you observe a problem in a different way. We try to notice details that others don’t see, find new ways, and discover new methods.

  • We sketch, think, create and combine our thoughts.
  • We evaluate results from the design research phase. We define form, function, and key features – we search for solutions for defined problems.
  • First, we outline a few concepts, to define the basic idea.
  • The result is one or more concepts that we present visually.
  • With partners, we discuss further product development. We choose the best solution which is developed in the next phase.
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4. CAD, visualization, mock-ups

We always present our ideas and concepts in a clear form, we consult with partners in all design phases. Scale models and first prototypes help everybody in the team to understand and approve the first ideas. For prototyping, we use 3D print, moulding, milling and other modelling technics.

  • Mock-ups – proportion form models which we create by 3D print, traditional modelling, models from plastics, foams, wood and other substitute materials help us to clarify ideas, concepts and test first solutions.
  • 3D visualisations – photorealistic 3D renders (AUTODESK FUSION 360, KeyShot).
  • 3D print technologies – makes the development of ideas very fast and easier. In our studio, we use various 3D print technologies (FDM, SLA, SLS, HP MJF).
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Post-processing of 3D print

5. Design concepts in details

We work carefully on proportions, details, and all components relations. We fine-tune all parts into a harmonic product considering all technological and production limits. We fine-tune the material and color finishes. We prepare CAD data for the next stage in development.

  • We are developing design concepts: we play with details, proportions, and components assembly.
  • We select materials, colors, and surface finishes.
  • CAD data from this stage are used to build prototypes and then ideas are validated.
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6. Rapid prototyping and testing

We bring your ideas from paper to real 3D models and prototypes.

  • At PROTOTYPUM, we place great emphasis on the quality processing of functional prototypes from serial materials to obtain relevant test results.
  • Together with our partners, we discuss the prototypes then we iterate, make changes and we test again to fine-tune the proposed product.
  • We check or test everything twice, three times, even one hundred times – mistakes always move us forward – and tune the prototypes to perfection.
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7. Engineering

During the work on projects, we cooperate with different engineers eg. electrical, automotive, software and others.

  • We deliver CAD data for manufacturers.
  • We respect manufacturing requirements and deliver the data appropriate to the specifications of used technology.
  • If needed we respond promptly to any requirements directly from production sites.
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8. Supervision & factory communication

We supervise mass production and focus on every detail. Our knowledge of manufacturing processes allows us to effectively communicate with suppliers and factories.

  • We search for production capacities or supervise production at your partner’s sites.
  • Even the smallest details are finalized to perfection, whether they are a single component or part of a vast assembly.
  • We collaborate long term with small batch production manufactures as well as with mass production facilities.
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9. Brand Identity and marketing support

Every new product needs a unique brand identity. We are ready to help you.

  • We advise and help you with the visual identity of your new product.
  • We create photo-realistic 3D renders for your marketing needs.
  • We can help you with the packaging design for your new product.
  • Our design team offers you appropriate support for your marketing team.


We bring your idea from the first sketch to realistic 3D models and prototypes. We accompany your project till the final manufacturing process.



We evaluate the design details and validate functional prototypes. We learn from the testing and iterate design to fine-tune the solutions.



Our engineers help you to maintain documentation for manufacturing. We supervise the whole engineering process from CAD to prototype validation.



We are ready to help you with the investor pitch deck. Being transparent and trustworthy during the whole design process is key for all our projects.