prototyping 3D Print industrial design


YEAR 2018

TEAM Martin Žampach, Martin Hřeben, Jonáš Stoklasa

SKILLS Concept Design, CAD, Visualisations, Engineering, Additive Manufacturing, Creative Direction

In our team, we have created an unusual carrier for an annual report. Our aim was to design packaging for a flash drive, which creatively connects the railroad theme, while at the same time working as very original packaging. This packaging should not only be beautiful conceptually but at the same time fully functional and feasible for small batch production. After several concepts and iterations we came up with the solution – we have used a functional part, a metal rail which is placed into the 3D printed body that evokes a block of coal. Coal is connected with railways from ancient times and so we thought that this connection is easy to recognise and very original. The rail serves also as a guiding part for sliding the box. And as a decor for the flash drive, we generated the pattern from the visual appearance of the railway network.


Development process